ZandvoortMonzaNürburgringSpaZeltweg 71
Watkins GlenBrands HatchKyalamiMosport Rain
1.0Kelvin Mace73810510510410810510398108103
2.0Radek Petera7151019910210695100107100
3.0Harald Podzielny7121031031051031019610190
4.0Rainer Alpen68696981021029894939690
5.0Fabian Casula6469488921009090869288
6.0David Breedveld633898791959391878577
7.0Carsten Grelck6061011031039799103
8.0Yannick Verheijen49195DNF9810199DNF98
9.0Chris Gietzelt2901009892
10.0Gregory Taber287969695
11.0Pelle Buchner285909798
12.0Iestyn Davies20210498
13.0Mario Wilhelm200100100
14.0Peter Antonsen100100
15.0Bastian Grupp91DNFDNF91
16.0Claudio Callipo8383
17.0Dag Johnsen0DNF

For the calculation of a drivers total sum of points only the seven best results will be used.
Drivername= the driver omits the qualification at next race
  = one yellow
  = two yellows
  = three or more yellows
= startcrash according to §7.05
= replay-analysis pending

(excerpt from the rules)
§7.05 Startcrash-rule: The causer of a startcrash gets one yellow. In addition the driver has to omit the qualification of his next race of the cup. Very hard offences can be punished with two yellows.
§7.06 The EOLC-theory of colors: If you have treasured 3 ore more yellows in a cup, you will be banned from the next race. All yellows will be deleted except 2. For each race without a yellow, one yellow will be deleted.
§7.07 Disqualification: If you get 3 yellows in one race, you will be disqalified afterwards. Despite this, a very hard offence, reckless or very careless driving can result in a qualification as well.