Open file "GPL_Log.ini". Check, if path to GPL directory is right. If needed edit path. Save file (no Enter before, only save)!
Open file "MOD.ini". Edit to the exe you will use (exemple: gplc66.exe or gpl.exe)

Read in of the special data
To display the special data, these must be logged in.
Before start the gpl process start "Log_Train.exe", for multiplayer you have to activate LOGOnline.xml via GEM+.
For multiplayer start via IP.
If you would drive with a GPL_MOD you must open the MOD.ini and change "gplc67.exe" to "gplc66.exe" (in example for MOD66).

One minute after start Login process starts to work. At this time you should drive the car. Otherwise eventually the synchronisation between replay data and logged data will not be correct.
It means: Go relative quickly to the track and start your practice! Later you can have a break, go to menu and back to track without problems.

If you ready with driving, save complete replay, finish GPL, write in console the same name as for replay.

Display of the data
Start "GPL_Tel". Klick button "Ld E" (above). Choose the saved replay.
After the tire temps overall view you come to the main point- the telemetry for individual laps - if you choose one lap in lap time list listbox above.
After that you can use the many buttons under the listbox. If you go with the mouse over there it opens a quick hint.
This buttons are On/Off buttons.
If you click with right mouse key in the display area, it draws a vertical position line. If you do so - and if you choose button "map" - the position in card would be updated, also the numeric values on the right side. You can choose more laps (maximum is four) by double click in lap time list box.
With radio buttons (under the numeric values) you can change the numeric values to an other lap.
With "Ld E" you can load more rpy or tmr files. With double click in lap time listbox you bring it to display. With button "ld M" you can load individual laps from a selected driver. In this case unfortunately only a little part of displays works.
The button "line-" (below) hide all graphs. Button "lap-" removes all choosen laps.
Button "save" (above right) is for saving laps as tmr file. If would be saved only the choosen laps that you see beside the radio button fields. If you have choose no lap all laps would be saved.
tmr files will be loaded much faster than rpy/tel files.